About Us

DataLock: Certified. Proven. Safe.

DataLock has been the region’s leading provider of information security and management services for over 17 years. DataLock has evolved from a startup in a rural market to an information management enterprise with a trusted reputation and an active presence in Mt. Vernon, IL area, including St. Louis and Western Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and South Texas.

Certified Security

In a field in which confidentiality and reliable performance are critical, you can trust DataLock with your information storage and destruction. DataLock carries the AAA security certification offered by the National Association for Information Destruction, in the document destruction, hard drive destruction, and micromedia destruction categories. This certification requires adherence to a stringent set of physical and procedural security standards, and requires DataLock to pass multiple unannounced audits each year conducted by a Certified Protection Professional.

Service and Value

DataLock strives to set itself apart from the competition by maintaining flexibility and focusing on customer service. DataLock will assess your needs and prepare an information management solution that meets your requirements and fits within your budget. DataLock has invested heavily in security, training, equipment, and software, enabling us to provide vital information management tasks at the highest standards and at a lower cost than in-house methods. This allows you and your staff to grow your core business.