Secure Storage

DataLock stores and manages all types of information-bearing materials, including boxed paper records, open-filing records, digital media, and backup tapes.

Information Management

All materials are given a unique bar code and are scanned into a sophisticated data management application. Barcodes are merged with corresponding information regarding your account, including box number, box contents, file number, retention dates, and access history. The data management application includes powerful search and reporting functions. DataLock maintains daily server backups and redundant server hardware in its media vault.

Media Vault

DataLock offers a climate-controlled media vault for the storage of sensitive media and critical data. DataLock’s media vault is a 4-hour fire rated structure that is fully enclosed, locked, and sits within DataLock’s facility. The climate inside the vault is maintained to specific temperature and humidity requirements by a dedicated system. The vault is equipped with FM-200 fire suppression. Access to the vault is monitored by DataLock’s video surveillance system.


DataLock provides multiple services at different priority levels, including retrieval, delivery, scanning, reporting, re-boxing, and new boxes. Materials can be requested by fax or email. Materials can be physically delivered or sent electronically. DataLock provides an audit room free of charge for clients to view their materials at our facility.


DataLock’s facility is a fully sprinklered steel and concrete building built to industrial specifications. DataLock’s facility is protected by a monitored alarm system that detects intrusion, heat, smoke, and low pressure in the sprinkler system. Video cameras cover key areas of DataLock’s facility and record to a dedicated video server. DataLock employees are regularly screened for drugs and criminal history, and are highly trained in information security procedures.